Paul Lim

Mr Lim has over 25 years of banking experience.  He is currently the Managing Director of Leafgreen Capital Partners Pte Ltd in Singapore. Prior to Leafgreen, Mr Lim held various positions with international investment banks including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup and Bankers Trust. Mr Lim has spent most of his career in Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia.  He was the President Director and Country manager of Bankers Trust Indonesia in the late 1990s.  Mr Lim is currently President Commissioner of PT BNI Securities in Indonesia and an Advisor to Accion Asia Growth Fund.

Mr Lim is a Non-Executive Director of various companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange including United Fiber System Limited, HanKore Environment Technology Group Limited, and Nippecraft Limited.  From 2010 to 2011, Mr Lim was the Interim Acting CEO of Bio-Treat Technology Limited, a China-based waste-water treatment company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. He successfully restructured and settled its liabilities, reorganized the operations of the company and raised new capital through strategic investors in 2011. 

Mr Lim has a MBA degree and Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Mr Lim is based in Singapore.