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28 April 2011
Quantum Pacific makes investment in Indel Therapeutics

Quantum Pacific Capital ("Quantum Pacific") has made an investment into Vancouver-based Indel Therapeutics Inc ("Indel"). Indel is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new drugs to address the global health crisis caused by antibiotic resistance. The Company has a growing pipeline of novel antimicrobial drug discovery programs focused on curing difficult-to-treat infections. The core technology is based on a patented genomics discovery platform originally developed out of the University of British Columbia.

The company has developed a proprietary antibiotic discovery process that allows it to rapidly identify and validate unique antibacterial targets that provide an advantage against antibiotic resistance. Indel's lead program is focused on the treatment of multi-drug resistant super bugs commonly associated with hospital acquired infections and has important relevance for the Asian healthcare market.

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